HMS Queen Elizabeth

Aircraft Carriers

Aircraft Carrier – Large flat-topped vessel that can carry aircraft and is the centrepiece of a navy task group. With the decommissioning of HMS Illustrious, the RN has no aircraft carriers (only HMS Ocean a helicopter assault ship) until HMS Queen Elizabeth is operational.

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Type 26 Frigate


Frigates – Small to medium-sized surface escort ships (approx 4,000 tons) and general ‘workhorses’ of the fleet. Used to be primarily designed for anti-submarine warfare but are increasingly used in general purpose roles. The RN now has just 13 Type 23 frigates. 

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HMS Echo

Hydrographic Survey Ships

The RN has 3 ships that conduct hydrographic surveys of the ocean, the seabed and coastal features. The data they collect is used to produce the Admiralty charts issued by the UK Hydrographic office which are sold to mariners worldwide. 

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