HMS Sutherland

In focus: HMS Sutherland – a workhorse of the Royal Navy fleet

On 23rd October, HMS Sutherland returned to Devonport for the last time before entering major refit. Although just one of 13 similar vessels in service with the RN, the activities of this ship in the last three years provides an informative snapshot of the hard-run Type 23 frigates at work.

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Royal Navy emerges stronger from initial defence review announcements

In a bullish statement to the House of Commons today, the Prime Minister promised extra defence spending to “restore Britain’s position as the foremost naval power in Europe”. Here we analyse the first outcomes to emerge from the Integrated Review of foreign, defence, development and security policy.

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US Marine Cops F-35 vertical Landing HMS Queen Elizabeth

US Marine Corps reports successful integration exercise onboard HMS Queen Elizabeth

Last week the US Marine Fighter Attack Squadron (VMFA) 211 concluded two months of training in the UK which included three weeks of air activities embarked on HMS Queen Elizabeth. Speaking to the media, the commanders of the two squadrons were upbeat about a very successful exercise.

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HMS Glowworm rams Hipper

Remembrance 2020. We will remember them.

At this time of year when we remember those who gave their lives in service of their country, here we focus on just one past example of the many thousands of sacrifices made by the members of the Royal Navy.

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Type 23 frigates Devonport Dockyard

Progress report – extending the life of Royal Navy’s Type 23 frigates

The programme of LIFEX refits to upgrade and repair the ageing Type 23 frigates fit for service beyond their 30th birthdays continues. While delivering an important capability boost, the work has mostly taken longer than expected and here we look at progress to date.

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Nine-minute rescue – analysis of the recent Royal Navy and special forces operation

More details are emerging about the operation on 25th October to free the crew of the MV Nave Andromeda in the face of violent stowaways. Here will examine the incident and the role played by the Royal Navy in protecting commercial shipping and the waters of UK.

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F-35 on Deck Sunset HMS Queen Elizabeth

HMS Queen Elizabeth and carrier strike group participate in exercise Joint Warrior

Following the GROUPEX work-up period, the UK Carrier Strike Group participated in Exercise Joint Warrior (4th – 15th October 2020). This photo essay covers their activities during the exercise, along with participating NATO warships.

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Harrier 809 Book - MV Atlantic Conveyor

Harrier 809 – Book Review

£15.39 (Hardback) £9.99 (Kindle)

This month Harrier 809, by respected aviation author Rowland White, is published by Bantam Press. Written in his trademark gripping narrative style, White illuminates some of the lesser-known aspects of the air war during the Falklands conflict.

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