BAE Systems issues updated imagery of Leander Type 31e Frigate concept

Today BAE Systems published new images of their Type 31e frigate concept showing some additional detail and features as the design evolves.

Leander concept for Royal Navy Type 31e Frigate

For comparison – the Leander concept image issued in early 2018.

The mainmast has been raised and redesigned. New satellite and radio communication aerials have been added to the re-worked aft mast. Weather protection for personnel at the forward end of the flight deck has been added. The Harpoon AShM and Phalanx CIWS seen on the initial designs have been deleted.

Looking purposeful… The capacity of the mission bay is more visible in this image.

The Naval Passive Off-Board Decoy (N-POD) launchers have been added forward of the bridge. There are now two 6-cell Sea Ceptor silos forward and a 12-cell silo amidships, above the mission bay. The fire control radar above the bridge seen in the earlier design has been deleted.

Two line-handling openings in the stern have been added, although no hint of a towed array sonar position.