Britain’s Future Navy

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Hunter Killers: The Dramatic Untold Story of the Royal Navy’s Most Secret Service

[amazon-element asin=”1409139018″ fields=”lg-image,desc,ListPrice,new-price,button”] The incredible, true story of the Royal Navy’s submarines confronting the Soviet Union during the Cold War.

Reviewed in more detail here

We Come Unseen: The Untold Story of Britain’s Cold War Submariners

[amazon-element asin=”0571278027″ fields=”lg-image,desc,ListPrice,new-price,button”] Exciting account of the sometimes dangerous and risky operations involving the RN’s submarines operating against Soviets in the Cold war.

Safeguarding the Nation: The Story of the Modern Royal Navy

[amazon-element asin=”1848320434″ fields=”lg-image,desc,ListPrice,new-price,button”] Overview of the operations of the RN since WWII. Lavishly illustrated with great photos. Published in association with the White Ensign Association.

Joint Force Harrier

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72 Hours

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