HMS Fearless

The story of one of the RN’s most well-known post-war ships which saw service around the world from the 1960s through the Falklands conflict until retirement in 2002.

Sea Harrier: The Last British Fighter

Stand By To Surface

Fictional account of life aboard an ‘O’ class submarine HMS Orca. Life aboard conventional submarines were cramped, claustrophobic, damp, dirty. Food and the odd movie are their only distractions. Yet they relish their “pirate image” and are intensely proud of being submariners. Their “routine” running period turns into an action packed adventure full of hairy incidents, fun, and the odd frolic. Setting sail from Portsmouth they jump in at the deep end, their adrenalin pumping, and the action starting from the off. Touching and rare portrait of the peacetime RN submarine service in the 1960-70s operating around the UK.