Destroyer – Traditionally larger than frigates and usually more associated with air defence, the RN now has just 6 modern Type 45 destroyers.

The Type 45 was designed around the sophisticated & effective PAAMS anti-aircraft missile system. A flawed attempt to produce a common European destroyer was abandoned and a tortuous design history resulted in long delays to the start of the programme. 12 ships were planned to replace the Type 42 destroyers. However rising costs and the failure to separately fund the war in Afghanistan were the main reasons only 6 of these important ships were built. Costing over £1 billion each if development costs are included, it is hard to believe they are not fitted with Tomahawk land attack missiles (TLAM). It is fervently hoped they will receive Tomahawk in future – these very large destroyers have plenty of space to receive upgrades in future. They have all now received Phalanx CIWS and HMS Daring, Diamond, Dragon & Duncan. will be fitted with Harpoon anti-ship missiles removed from decommissioned frigates .

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