Joint Force Harrier

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Paperback. Pub Date: 2009 Pages: 344 Publisher: Penguin Helmand Province October 2006: On itish soldiers are engaged in the most Intense Against a Tough experienced and motivated enemy frighteningly sustained Fighting they’ve faced since the Korean War. . their lives too often depended on the success of danger-close. pin-point attacks pressed home from the air. When 800 Naval Air Squadron – callsign ‘Recoil’ – arrived in theatre. their Boss. Commander Ade Orchard. knew there could be no slip-ups. Day and night. the Fleet Air Arm crews were on constant alert. ready to scramble their heavily armed Harrier attack jets at a moment’s notice in support of the men on the ground. The call wasn’t slow in coming. Just fifteen minutes after getting airborne for the first time. Orchard and his wingman were in the thick of it. called in when an Apache helicopter gunship was forced back b…
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£8.99 GBP
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