Photo essay: First British jets land onboard HMS Queen Elizabeth – Westlant 19 deployment – Part 3

On 13th October the first British-owned jets landed on HMS Queen Elizabeth off the eastern coast of the US. This photo essay covers the arrival of the 4 jets from 17 Squadron and 617 Squadron.

The first aircraft landed at 1440 GMT (UK Time). Plenty of excited onlookers on the flight deck

An all-British affair. It is interesting to note the aircraft handlers appear to be entirely RN. During 2018 USMC personnel assisted with the first landings.

These trials are aimed at ‘end-to-end’ testing of the aircraft and personnel to ensure the aircraft are compatible with the carrier. The tests will involve mission planning, arming the aircraft using the ship’s Highly Automated Weapon Handling System, flying missions and debriefing on completion.

Flight Commander of 17 (R) Test and Evaluation Squadron, Lt Cdr Matt Fooks-Bale RN after landing on HMS Queen Elizabeth.

HMS Dragon in close company