The Silent Service

One of the great untold stories of the British services is that of the Royal Navy Submarine Service which entered the fray in World War I with 100 underwater craft. Through World War II, where submariners’ prospects of returning safely from a mission were only 50:50, the Falklands conflict and the sinking of the Belgrano, to present-day elite machines, the Silent Service has played an enormous part in British defence. John Parker’s in-depth investigation is very much personality led with diaries from the early part of the century to substantial first-person testimony from survivors of wartime heroics (when many VCs were won).

HMS Fearless

The story of one of the RN’s most well-known post-war ships which saw service around the world from the 1960s through the Falklands conflict until retirement in 2002.

Sea Harrier: The Last British Fighter

Stand By To Surface

Fictional account of life aboard an ‘O’ class submarine HMS Orca. Life aboard conventional submarines were cramped, claustrophobic, damp, dirty. Food and the odd movie are their only distractions. Yet they relish their “pirate image” and are intensely proud of being submariners. Their “routine” running period turns into an action packed adventure full of hairy incidents, fun, and the odd frolic. Setting sail from Portsmouth they jump in at the deep end, their adrenalin pumping, and the action starting from the off. Touching and rare portrait of the peacetime RN submarine service in the 1960-70s operating around the UK.


Frog Tales

Spanning forty years of dangerous diving operations around the world, interspersed with English Channel swimming and triathlons this is a look into the secretive world of a Royal Navy Clearance Diver. The humour is dark, the stories are both heart stopping and almost unbelievable but its all true. Mark Holroyd served for 24 years as a Clearance Diver in the Royal Navy and was decorated for bravery. His time in the navy involved deep experimental saturation diving based aboard HMS Challenger, above and below water anti-terrorism duties along with conventional bomb disposal in operations around the world.


Sub: Real Life on Board with the Hidden Heroes of the Royal Navy’s Silent Service

As you read this, a classified number of the Royal Navy’s deadly nuclear submarines lurk undetected in the depths of the world’s oceans. Completely self-sufficient for months at a time, they lie in wait, ready to watch, listen, intercept or attack wherever they may be needed, from the Mediterranean coast of Libya, to the ice caps of the Arctic. And should the UK be devastated by a nuclear strike, they might just be the last military force standing. Because of this they carry the Letter of Last Resort, a handwritten document from the Prime Minister outlining what form of action should be taken.

Award-winning journalist and bestselling author Danny Danziger has been allowed unprecedented access to one of the attack class submarines of the ‘silent service’, joining the crew on operations, living among them and hearing their stories. This book is the result of his experience, and provides a fascinating insight into the lives of those whose job it is to man the Uk’s most formidable weapons system. Unrestricted and uncompromising, it paints a vivid picture of this enigmatic branch of our armed forces.