Steller Systems offers another option for the Type 31 frigate design

Steller Systems, an independent consultancy specialising in naval architecture, has just announced Project Spartan a design proposal to be considered for the Royal Navy’s Type 31 frigate / GPFF project. To date, BAE Systems has submitted 2 outline proposals and BMT Group have submitted their Venator-110. Here we take a brief look at the competing options for the Type 31 design.

Enter the Spartan

Stellar Systems believe the Spartan is particularly well-suited for the export market. Sir John Parker (author of the report to inform the National Shipbuilding Strategy) was very clear in his belief that the Type 31 design should have export potential as the major design driver. Like the Venator, the Spartan uses a modular approach so the ship can be reconfigured for a variety of roles and customer needs. It also maximises use of existing UK industrial capability and UK equipment. The most notable difference between the Spartan and the other designs is a bay which allows boats to be deployed from a ramp at the stern, in addition to a large hangar for helicopters and UAVs. More details are available in the PDF below. Being early concepts, no guide to approximate price for any of these designs is available.


BAE Systems – Cutlass and Avenger

The BAE Systems Cutlass design an enlarged version of the Al Shamikh class corvettes they built for the Omani navy. There is very little technical detail about the Cutlass and Avenger designs available at this stage.

BAES Avenger Type 31

The BAE Systems Avenger design is based on a stretched River-Class OPV and is definitely the budget option. One suspects the work experience kid did this mock up in an afternoon and this cannot be really be considered a credible frigate design.

BMT Venator-110

Venator 110 Type 31

Until now, most independent observers, including Sir John Parker had considered the Venator-110 as the best of the proposals. Venator probably has the advantage of greater design maturity over the Spartan, having been in development for several years.

VENATOR-110 Technical Brief