What can you do?

Join the UKNDA

The UKNDA is “a campaign for sufficient, appropriate and fully funded Armed Forces that the United Kingdom needs”. By joining (£3 per month) or donating you will add your name and financial support to about the only independent group lobbying government, politicians and the media on behalf of the armed forces.

Write to your MP

There will be a wide variation in MPs attitudes and knowledge of RN issues. However, writing a letter to them asking them if they will challenge the government about the decline of the RN will at least cause them to think about the issue. This sort of action will help dispel the idea that ‘there are no votes in defence”. If you don’t know who your MP is or their address, you can find out at www.writetothem.com by simply entering your postcode.

Write to the Secretary of State for Defence

Penny Mordaunt replaced Gavin Williamson as defence secretary in May 2019. You can submit questions to the minister via email or write to MOD Ministerial Correspondence Unit, 5th Floor, Zone A, Main Building, Whitehall, London SW1A 2HB – let us know if you get anything other than a standard response.

Social Media

Twitter: Twitter allows you to reach a potentially huge audience very quickly and raise awareness. We have a Twitter feed here which provides daily photos, news and analysis.

Facebook: Like the Save the Royal Navy Facebook Page where you can comment or share our content with your friends on Facebook.

Instagram: If you love photos and images of naval subjects you can follow us on Instagram here.


Write to the press / comment online

Writing a stiff letter to the Times may seem like an old-fashioned approach but most newspapers and magazines do still carry letters/emails which can shape opinions. The web offers a fast and free way to get the message out there. Whenever RN-related articles appear online in the media there is often an opportunity to comment on the story or vote in a poll.

Raise awareness

Spreading the word to those who will listen is a valuable contribution. There is no need to become a ‘naval bore’ but the more people understand the need for the RN, the better. The Government has got away with cuts to the RN over the years, in-part because the media has ignored naval issues and many people are ignorant of purpose and the state of the RN.

The RN presentation team

If your company or organisation can be persuaded and you can gather a group of 40 or more people, you can invite the RN presentation team to visit. In our ‘sea-blind’ society this can help raise awareness of the purpose and need for the RN. You can submit a request for them to visit or find out where they are scheduled to give presentations on the RN website here.

Riot! / Lawful rebellion

Well maybe not… But unfortunately, the ideas listed on this page won’t exactly bring down the government unless huge numbers respond. All you can do is spread the word and make you voice heard. Sadly the media is mostly only interested when things go wrong. Unless there is urgent action there will undoubtedly be a ‘crunch point’ in the future when the RN is unable to fight and win. So do what you can now.

We welcome any suggestions and comments and you can contact us here.

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Derek Rutter

I completely support the need for a strong Royal Navy and the crucial role it undertakes, albeit ever more restricted thanks to a continually sea blind country and government, and this website and the
naval communities, charities, funds, trusts and other organisations have my full backing and support. If the actions of Westminster and Whitehall don’t change for the better very soon we are going to plunge
ourselves into a very murky pit indeed. We need to get vocal about this and really make a stand, for its always the most relevant and useful organisations which feel the blade of cuts and reviews. Something must be done, now.

Adam Hiley

well said You must be aware that whilst Cameron is cutting Our Armed Forces He is still handing £50m a day to the pointless EU Foreign Aid and the Green Scam only UKIP offer change

Paul Gaunt

we need 6 more T45’s and 6 more T26’s on top of already proposed plus two replacement Albion Class

Dave Taskis

You see my views about the MoD, SDSR and the Navy by following the link.

Jeremy Whitby-Smith

A strong Royal Navy is fundamental for the defence of this Country.To make savage cuts to our surface and submarine fleet for purely cost cutting reasons is extremely shortsighted, and reckless as to the defence of the British people.The building of more ships would increase employment and contribute to the recovery of the economy.For this and previous recent governments to have made the swinging cuts in defence leads to one questioning the true motives of our politicians and as to were their loyalties lie.We must remember that the emerging superpowers who are building up their Navies may well be our enemies in the future.

Allan Gunniss

Following the First World War the Navy was depleted, and in 1939 we were up to our eyes in another major conflict, and the country had to invoke an Emergency War Building Programme to produce the ships we badly needed. Thankfully we had the Shipyards that could do it. The same situation exists now where the Royal Navy is so depleted that it would be unable to defend the Nation properly and if another conflict did surface, we do not have the ships or the facilities to do anything about it.I think that the current and past Governments should hang their heads in shame and learn the lessons of the past that have cost this country dearly and could be even worse in the future. A viable Naval Force is an imperative to the wellbeing of this country.

M Butler

Thanks to the past and present UK governments incompetence of cost cutting Britain has little to no chance to mount any credible defence of the Falklands or its home waters, no carriers no harriers it’s a shambolic shower of shit! Well done the MOD for your complete incompetence past and present.
Morale at an all-time low in the armed services the UK never learn from its mistakes, history will repeat its self with an ever expanding Chinese fleet now complete with carriers alarm bells are ringing, we are an island nation and we need a capable navy army and air force, one example is the continued incursions in around the waters of Gibraltar with Spanish fishermen, well I guess we have a couple of gunboats stationed there.
Another point to mention is the tragic loss of skill and expertise that the armed services are now loosing when men and women are made redundant or leave the services due to lack of quality of kit lack of training and ever increasing pressures put on individuals.

Best regards

Mark Butler


An island nation with few boats…need i say more?


Edmund Carrington

The Royal Navy is a fundamental condition for maintaining UK’s status as a global economic, military, political, and cultural super-power. Without a blue-water navy — an essential prototype for naval organisation & structure worldwide — Britain will be marginalised amdist the bellicosity of the US and the expanded influence of China, the EU, and Russia. As a former naval officer, I have seen firsthand how the Royal Navy links this country to its Commonwealth partners and projects its strength to the trouble zones across the globe (be they terrorist havens, failed states, or natural disaster areas). The Royal Navy has written Britian’s glorious history and there can be no comparable future without it. “Si vis pacem, para bellum”


With the navy much reduced in hull numbers and other countries utilising low cost corvettes it seems such a shame the BAE corvettes laid up ex Brunai could not be adapted for R N regional policing roles.


Those corvettes have been sold to Indonesia. Although they would have been a handy ’emergency’ acquisition but I don’t think they would suit RN requirements very well. Apparently accommodation was very basic and not compatible with RN standards.

Adam Hiley

Only by voting for alternatives to the LibLabCon Party will You see a real difference all Parties still support giving £50million a Day to the useless EU but can’t afford to Protect Our Country vote UKIP http://www.lawfulrebellion.org http://www.thisisourland.info

Mick Parker

Another issue is what if the navy was involved in a conflict and god forbid we lost a ship or even 2, we have no reserves at all and we would be almost defenceless, total madness, our goverment is so short sighted its not true

Adam Hiley

Get rid of Our 3 corrupt old political parties thankfully We have voted to leave the EU time to put Our own interests first not the US EU or US puppet Nato republic.org.uk populistalliance.org.uk

Chris Blanchett

It is most likely that the government will only act to boost our navy if there is a threat of impending war. This shortsighted policy may have been adequate in 1937 when we had a large navy but in 2017 we have nothing of the sought As we all know you cannot build modern warships in 12 months and, besides we do not have the shipyard capacity. Perhaps the government need a sharp reality check. An outbreak of hostilities between the major powers or an attack on an allied vessel. A scary incident that highlights our vulnerability may be the short sharp shock these useless politicians need.

andrew reeves

sent via my local m.p please will you pass this to the P.M with the request that i don’t want to wait 3 months for a half hearted reply like i’ve been doing on a regular basis harriet harmans re gurgiation of a worn out manifesto isn’t good enough, the nation deserves better. destroyers breaking down, frigates 5 years late, aircraft carriers with no planes, a patrol fleet of unarmed coast guard level boats, the type 31 frigate being designed on the back of a cigarette packet, the nations flagship up for sale, withdrawal of amphibious capability, who is responsible for all this and what will be done about it? the ROYAL NAVY royal laughing stock more like HAPLESS INEPT GOVERNMENT MINISTERS MAKING A TOTAL MESS OF THE NATIONS SECURITY. get it bloody well sorted out, sak those responsible for this on going fiasco, don’t fob taxpayers off with clap trap about new aircraft carriers and cutting edge aircraft. its all a lie and you’ve been found out.

andrew reeves

sorry for the spelling, i did go to school once